Life is funny!


My osteopath just told me two funny stories today.

He treated a guy this week who had been drafted in as part of a team to organize a large firework display in Birmingham. The fireworks were all stored safely, but the guys took their homemade detonators back to the hotel with them. A cleaner walked in, saw all the gear, flipped and called the police. Next thing you know the police storm in arrest the guys and evacuate the center of Birmingham. The papers claim local businesses (mostly pubs) lost more than 1 million pounds of business as a result of the evacutation. If this sounds familiar see Welcome to my world!

You can imagine the scene down at the police station.

Firework guy: We’re not linked to Al Qaeda! We’re just preparing for Fireworks Fantasia!
Police: Now listen here sonny Jim, we weren’t born yesterday…

I know it’s not a funny subject, but it made me laugh.

One of his patients took their 20 year old Down’s Syndrome son to a local zoo & theme park recently. Whilst there he repeatedly asked to go on the log flume ride, which they refused because they didn’t want him to get wet. At one point he went off on his own and when he returned he was soaked through. Naturally they assumed he had gone on the log flume ride, which he denied. When they got home the boy went to his room leaving his mother to unpack the bags. When she opened her son’s rucksack she found a penguin staring at her!

She rang the zoo, who said, “We’ll check if it’s one of ours!”, to which she replied, “Where else would he get a penguin from in Birmingham?”. Anyway, they fed the penguin pilchards until a man from the zoo came to pick it up.

I can only assume that the guy has seriously quick reflexes or it was one tame penguin!

I cannot guarantee that either of these stories are true, but they had me in stitches between blood-curdling crunches of my spine!



PS. My back feels good now! I reckon I’ll be OK to go to Karate tomorrow 🙂

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  1. Tims Dr.: “Oh, let me tell you a story about a boy and a penguin…” while he proceeds to contort Tims body in ways it was never meant to move… Sounds like a good afternoon (??).

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