2 become 0, occasionally…


It’s been an “interesting” couple of days.

Since we moved to the new configuration we’ve have had some intermittent server crashes, including one last night where both nodes crashed simultaneously. We’ve applied an OS patch that is meant to solve the problem, but we’re still in the “fingers crossed” stage at the moment. It’s meant some busy nights and annoyed users, but we’re moving forward.

You’ve gotta love it…. Not!



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5 thoughts on “2 become 0, occasionally…”

  1. Tim,

    Admit it! You love it too. Otherwise you wouldn’t survive in this business.

    As for me, I’ll be in for upgrading Oracle Apps to 11.5.10 and the database from 8i to 9i.

    And guess what? We missed the testing deadlines, but management decided that the cost of a possible (read: probable) outage would be less than the cost of delaying the upgrade.

    Hmmm….. did we start too late with testing, did we test too slow, or did somebody pick a go-live date to fast?



  2. Adrenaline is a very powerful drug, but like any drug you have to be careful about the dosage.

    You’ve got to know when to push harder and when to admit defeat and take a step back.

    A couple of thoughts:

    1) He/She who fights and walks away lives to fight another day!

    2) You can work hard or you can work long, you can’t do both.

    Only one call tonight. Things must be getting better… Maybe 🙂

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