You (re)learn something new every day…


I’ve recently taken to using FileZilla as an FTP client on my Windoz box at work. When I’m at home I tend to use gFTP on Linux. Whilst using it today one of my colleagues asked me why I wasn’t using Windows Explorer for my FTP stuff. I typed an FTP address into Windows Explorer and sure enough, I connected using WebDav.

The stupid thing is I use WebDav to access XML DB and Oracle Files, but it never crossed my mind to use it for this.

Of course, some of the purists out there will be screaming, “What’s wrong with the command line?” 🙂



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3 thoughts on “You (re)learn something new every day…”

  1. Exactly. The way we work, sftp is absolutely essential: no way I’m gonna have unencrypted file transfers through net connections around the world. So it’s SCP for us. And ssh for all terminal work, we don’t even bother installing telnet anymore.
    Although I must admit it’s kinda nifty to go:
    telnet (url) 80
    GET / HTTP 1.0

    But then again: I’m a command line purist…

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