Swapping, but why?


Why are both nodes on our production RAC swapping, yet they have loads of free memory?

There are several ways to configure the CPUs and memory in Alpha servers and I have no concept of the impact of these varying configurations. In my own simplistic view:

loads of free memory = no need to swap

Best get on to the guys in the know. See if they can give me a simple answer to this. It would be nice to get my hands on some of this free memory, but not if it’s going to cause a swap-frenzy 🙂



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3 thoughts on “Swapping, but why?”

  1. Hi.

    I wasn’t expecting help, it was just an expression of my frustration, hence the lack of detail. 🙂

    This is a problem HP have been aware of for over two years and so far have done zilch.

    If you are interested you might want to read this post:


    This guy has the same problem but much worse.

    I guess our newly reconfigured hardware came with a few extra surprises. Unfortunately it’s one of those cases where it worked OK in development and test, but screws up in production.



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