First night in a tent…


Last night was the first night I’ve ever spent in a tent. I’ve never really liked the thought of it so I’ve never tried it before, but I was invited to friend’s 40th birthday party and a night in a tent was kinda mandatory.

I woke up early and was packing away my tent as some of my friends were going to bed. I get the feeling I’ll remember more about the evening than several of them ๐Ÿ™‚

The verdict? I enjoyed putting the tent up and taking it down, even though it was raining and windy on both occasions. As for the sleeping thing, I didn’t dislike the experience, but it’s not something I’m desperate to repeat either. I guess the circumstances will dictate whether I ever venture into a tent again…

I’m off on holiday tomorrow, strictly no tents, so I guess things will be a little quiet unless I stumble on an internet cafe.



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4 thoughts on “First night in a tent…”

  1. Tim. You should try a RV next time. TV, air-condition, sink, toilet, soft bed….

    I don’t call camping, but some do.


  2. Tom Sorry what is RV? and Tim in order to achieve nirvana (the ultimate objective of Yoga) you have got to spend some time in open in the Himalaya. So better start getting used to it:)

  3. RV: Recreational Vehicle.
    Can be a simple 4WD or a more elaborate three-bedroom-home-and-swimming-pool-on-wheels kinda thing, depending on how fanatic you are about these things.

    Used to spend a month at a time camping on my big truck many years ago. It’s a unique experience in countries like Australia where the worst thing that can happen is a paper cut.

    But in Africa when I was a kid, that was another matter altogether…

    Out in the open in the Himalaya? Right!…

  4. The last time I did camping was in college. We used to go for white water river-rafting in those days… Rafting during the day, and booze and bon-fire at night.

    Only thing that bothered us was elephants’ trumpets in the nearby jungle – that used to keep us awake all night.

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