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I watched a martial arts movie called Ong Bak last night that stared a guy called Tony Jaa (Panom Yeerum). The film was low budget and the English dubbing was terrible, but the fighting sequences were amazing.

This guy is a serious talent. He’s a Muay Thai guy, so there is plenty of shin kicks, shin blocks elbow strikes, but there is also plenty of flashy movie stuff. It’s especially amazing when you consider that the fighting scenes are done without CGI or wire-work.

I always go on about how Jet Li is the most complete martial artist I’ve seen, but I think Tony Jaa can do some stuff that would make Jet Li weep! If he’s managed and promoted correctly I think he could eclipse Bruce Lee! Did I really say that?



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  1. You had english dubbing?? Wow!! In Australia only the subtitled version was available. So you spent the whole movie listening to a dialect that sounded something like the crazy frog.

    But as for the martial arts, absolutely phenomenal. Tony Jaa, I believe, is Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li rolled into the one person. It was absolutely amazing what he can do. I spent the whole movie making statements like “no way”, “your joking”, “unreal”, “oh yeah”. He absolutely blew my mind as to what the human body is capable of.

  2. I know what you’re saying. Bruce Lee was so ahead of his time, and it’s not just about technique and films. Bruce was instrumental in tearing down some of the mistique surrounding martial arts and single-handedly boosted the profile of martial arts worldwide. Even now every martial arts magazine is filled with his pictures…

    But take a look at what this Tony Jaa guy can do and you will see that he’s more physically gifted that Bruce Lee was. In comparison to his peers he’s very special. I’ve been doing martial arts for 16-17 years and I’ve never seen anything like this guy…

  3. I fully agree TIM regaring Tony Jaa. Actually Jet Lee was the greatest Fighter a little while ago after Bruce Lee, but he is now becoming too commercialized and losing the natural feel. Tony Jaa is my old Jet Lee. I am afraid he will too soon become my new Jet Lee and then I will be looking for my old Jet Lee.

  4. Tim said…
    If he’s (Tony Jaa) managed and promoted correctly I think he could eclipse Bruce Lee! Did I really say that?

    Maybe in the martial arts movie’s sense but definitely not the martial arts world.

    Besides, in most of Bruce Lee’s movies, the action sequences have been slowed down/exaggerated in order to give the audience a better appreciation.

    Let’s hope that future Tony Jaa’s movies will fully utilizes his amazing skills and abilities without cheapening them with CGI or wireworks.

  5. Your right, not in the Martial Arts world. And yes Bruce Lee is and was the greatest ever!

    I agree with the lack of use of CGI personally.

  6. Also some thing we have noticed in our Dojo is the fact that most younger kids come to our school and for some reason want to do all of the Eddie Gordo stuff they see on Tekken and also things they see on the movies that can help them become such a great fighter. It is a shame and how hard it is to tell a bright eyed kid that it is fake. Mostly I cant do it and say, “We will get to that”.

  7. My favorite martial artist is Jet Li his movies are amazing to watch.

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