The joy of support…

You may remember I wrote a blog post about the Enhanced Commit functionality of 10g Release 2 on the 4th of October in which I raised a question about the default action of BATCH/IMMEDIATE when not specified. On the 5th I raised a TAR in an attempt to answer the question, but still no luck. I came in this morning to find a bunch of waffle about commit processing had been added to the TAR and it had been closed. Had they answered my question? NO!

The phrase, “20% of the list price”, keeps ringing through my head! Where does this money go? Certainly not on paying people to read your question!

Oracle support is totally and utterly abysmal! Oracle need to do something about it, and it needs to be done quickly!

Don’t even get me started on support for the app servers or OCS…

You may have guessed I’m not a happy bunny!



Almost as soon as I finished submitting this post I my TAR was switched to a member of the “Advanced Resolution Team”. Within a couple of hours he came back with the answer. The COMMIT_WRITE documentation is wrong and a bug (4668213) has been raised against it.

So, if neither IMMEDIATE or BATCH are specified, the default action is IMMEDIATE, whether you use the COMMIT WRITE command or the COMMIT_WRITE parameter.

A metalink note (336219.1) is due to be released soon with the correct information.

Pitty I didn’t get this guy first time round 🙂

I’ve updated my article and the related blog posts.

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  1. I used to go to Metalink all the time because a member of Oracle support would respond usually within one day. Now, its good luck if they respond at all. I attended an Oracle “webinar” (I love these stupid terms) that was touting the improvements to Oracle’s support websites. When I asked the presenter about why Oracle support seemed to abandon Metalink and leave tons of questions without response, they hemhawed and waffled, but when I pressed the issue, they grudgingly admitted that, yes, Oracle was not responding to threads on Metalink in order to get people to submit TARs. But, as you stated, TARs don’t get adequate response either. I wish Ellison would get his core product working reliably and quit adding more buggy features and buying up other companies. He can hardly get his own to work properly.

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