Two new articles…

I’ve posted a couple of brief articles today:

The TDE stuff looks pretty simple, and it seems to work fine. I’ve read a few people’s articles about it, but I wanted to prove to myself it really worked. Sure enough, when you open the datafile in a HEX editor all you get is garbage.

I didn’t realize that conditional compilation was an Oracle 10g Release 1 feature. It was included in the patch and looks really handy. All I’ve got to do now is wait for the patch to be made available on Tru64…



PS. I’ve got a cold at the moment. I am the tissue master!

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2 thoughts on “Two new articles…”

  1. Tim,
    Your site is great…I have learned so much from it.

    Just curious, what exactly did you do you doctorate research in?
    What university did you attend?


  2. Hi.

    I did a biology degree and a PhD in Molecular Genetics at the University of Birmingham in the UK.

    That style of research didn’t suit me too well, but now I find I spend alot of time doing a different kind of research 🙂



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