Christmas Parties and Parking…


Friday Night – I went to a Christmas party with my Yoga mates. One of the guys got his car clamped and had to pay £94 to get the clamp removed.

Saturday Night – Work Christmas party. I got my car locked in a car park overnight. I didn’t get a parking ticket, but it cost me £22 in taxi fares.

The moral of this story is, Christmas is not designed for sober people 🙂



PS. Two more Christmas parties next weekend…

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12 thoughts on “Christmas Parties and Parking…”

  1. Tim,

    Ahhh…brings back memories of London. During my last trip there I rented a car…actually rented it in Berlin and drove to London. I woke up about 5 minutes too late one Sunday morning and the meter maid already had my rental clamped. I spent the whole morning calling to get it removed. My stupidity for not feeding the meter.


  2. Getting your car clamped for oversleeping on the metor??? Man that is tough. In Pittsburgh you need a few dozen unpaid tickets before anyone looks to clamp your car. : )

  3. Yeah, I was shocked to see it clamped!
    Maybe they decided to be tough on the ‘out-of-towners’, since the car had German plates. London in general is expensive, the last thing I wanted was a £94 ticket. It’s an awesome city though…

  4. Hey, a party for me would be nice! 🙂

    In the 80’s I worked for a startup in a storefront on a busy street. Every couple of hours the cry “meter maid!” would be heard. We’d all get up and move our cars around to wipe the chalk marks off the tires. Then we’d mess around for a while before we settled back into programming. It was oddly invigorating.


  5. Yeah, but you would have to buy a ladder and a black catsuit as well.

    You would need the ladder to scale the wall and ermove the CCTV camera, and the catsuit would come in handy when breaking in to the clampers office to remove all the incriminating evidence.

    With the risk of legal action on top, I think it’s a safe bet that paying the fine is the cheapest way forward 🙂



  6. I used to work in London, and drove through the West End on a regular basis. I parked the van and left it for hours on end without any major problems (this was 25 years ago mind). I doubt I could do that now.

  7. We have a guy called angle grinder man if you can find him phone him he comes out with suit and releases the car free.


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