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I mentioned in my previous post that I had bought a NSLU2 network storage solution. It’s a Linux appliance, but it only supports samba, not NFS. When using it from Windows it worked fine, but mounting it from Linux left me with loads of permission issues, to the point where I could only really use it as the root user. After surfing on the net is seemed that this was pretty standard. Then I found the Unslung project, which changed everything.

Unslung is another version of the NSLU2 firmware, that allows you to install additional packages. I downloaded Upslug2, used it to flash my NSLU2 with Unslung-5.5, ran the unsling command and added NFS and OpenSSH support.

Now I have a NSLU2 running both samba and NFS. What’s more, I have SSH access so I can interact with Linux on the appliance directly, making it much easier to work with.

If you’re using Windows, chances are you won’t need to do this, but for Linux users I think this is a really good move.

Now I am really happy with my NSLU2, and all my storage is secure. I guess that means I can get back to Oracle for a while 🙂



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4 thoughts on “My NSLU2 experience…”

  1. NSLU2 is a great little device. It just sits there doing what it’s supposed to without problems. I haven’t got into all that firmware hacking, but I’ll get round to it one day I suppose.

  2. Dave: I wouldn’t bother messing with it if your a Windows user. I only messed with it because NFS was better for me than Samba.

    It is a pretty cool bit of kit for the cash!



  3. Dear Sir,
    I was planing to buy the NSLU2 device, and I wonder if it could be possible to install an Oracle client distribution in it to access an external data base server.

    Thanking you in advance,

  4. Do you mean actually run the client on the applicance? You can do a lot of cool things using Unslung, but I’m not sure you can do anything that cool. 🙂



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