The death of Oracle on Tru64…


Consider this:

  • Oracle 10g Release 2 is available on just about every platform except Tru64.
  • The latest Oracle 10g Release 1 patchset for Tru64 is

It would be much easier if Oracle came out and admitted they’ve junked this platform, rather than paying lip service and not delivering on our support and updates contract.


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4 thoughts on “The death of Oracle on Tru64…”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. We are seeing the same lack of availability on HP OpenVMS…
    We don’t even have a patch for or yet.

  2. It has been annoying.

    It is always fun to open a tar and have them tell you to upgrade to version 9.2.0.X when in fact they have not even released it for Tru64 yet. Hit that a few times with the last releases.

    Odd thing is the company keeps putting our projects on hold to move off of Tru64. Sooner or later this will burn us.

  3. Rumour has it that the release date for Oracle 10g Release 2 is Quarter 1 2006, so I guess we’ve got a couple of months to wait yet 🙂



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