Raptor 3 (and a little bit) …


After the last abortive attempt to release Raptor EA3, we now have a new version. This one seems to have re-fixed the bits that got broken in the original version 3 release. So far so good.

It makes me wonder about the sense of releasing beta and early adopter applications to the general public. It’s a little like washing your dirty laundry in public 🙂



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One thought on “Raptor 3 (and a little bit) …”

  1. The fact they call them Early Adopter should warn off most people.
    I went to Raptor Beta 2 about a week after it was released (let others try it first) mostly to get a resolution to the issue regarding the cursor focus after issuing a query. Until they get a release that allows selected date columns to show the time component , I haven’t got a burning need to download another version.

    The XE Early Adopter was great for me (but it was built from an established 10GR2 code-base, so really if you got it to install, there wasn’t a lot to go wrong in the DB itself).

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