Oracle Community… As if…


I’m pretty pissed off this morning. It seems I’m at the center of some “Oracle on FC5” conspiracy because a few idiots can’t be bothered to read articles properly. The article in question is:

The original warning at the top of the article read:

“THIS IS A DRAFT DOCUMENT. It will be revised when the final version of FC5 is released.”

Apparently, this meant it was a fully finished article that should be trusted implicitly! See the conspiracy:

Also, it seems I should reply to comments while I’m sleeping.

Oracle community… My arse!


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17 thoughts on “Oracle Community… As if…”

  1. Tim,

    didn’t you know that anytime you write an article (draft or not) you need to setup a 24 hour support line for people that can’t be bothered to read it properly πŸ˜‰

    Graham Oakes

  2. Tim,

    sorry to hear they’re p*ss*ng you off.

    I’d like to go on record here, expressing my appreciation of the articles on your site and repeating my thanks to you for leading me by the hand when I proved incapable of reading the instructions accurately.

  3. Unfortunately, people too lazy to do proper research are usually the ones that b*^ch the loudest. You should really screw them and require username/password for access to the site.

  4. I have what I call dark days…

    Looks like you are having one yourself. Don’t worry, you’ll eventually talk yourself back in off of the ledge and get back to helping again.

    It is in some of our DNA, I’m pretty sure.

    If I let every criticism bug me to death, I’d be paralyzed with inaction πŸ˜‰

  5. By the way, all my draft articles (6 of them) now have, “this article may blow up in your face”, style warnings at the start. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi sir
    just read the whole therad CDOS.I shall just say do not bother and make your self upset over these kind of people.Your articles are really good and I am prepairing myself for my 10g upgrade from your articles only.Do not bother.Stay cool and smiling as like always:-).
    P.S.This is the first time,I have seen you this angry.Really surprised.
    with best regards.

  7. Aman: I guess it’s just a bad day πŸ™‚

    Funny thing is, somebody has just posted a comment saying the Oracle 10g R2 install on FC5 worked fine for them.

    I guess this must be someone playing a prank πŸ™‚



  8. Wow, I missed all that! (Very busy day at work)

    I know you’ve calmed down now, Tim, but you had every reason to be upset. Looking at the time-line – don’t these people have anything better to do?



  9. Tom Kyte’s statement is right to the point: don’t let criticism bother you.
    Keep up the good work, even if you get
    shot for it from time to time.
    I am a trigger happy person, especially after wasting a weekend trying to install Oracle on FC5.
    I have yet to adopt open source model
    of writing, that is why I failed to
    appreciate putting drafts to the net.

  10. Hi Tim,

    Ah, the perils of publishing, people who expect the complete answer, ready to use.

    It’s a good thing to share information, but some folks push your generosity too far.

    It’s not just cutting-edge new content either. I publish stuff for the benefit of people who are still running 8i, and my reward is “hate” e-mails condemning me for helping out folks on unsupported releases . . .

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