More Plagiarism…


It turns out this guy, Ankit Patel, has a mirror site Does it look kinda familiar?

He’s written a couple of things on, claiming to be an employee of Deutsche Bank. I’ve written to both the hosting company and the provider of domain about this issue. Hopefully it will get removed soon. In addition I dropped a line to Deutsche Bank telling them what’s going on. If he really does work for them, I thought they should know of his criminal dealings.

What really cracks me up is he appears to have done the same PhD as me according to this site (here). I wonder if he was in the same Lab as me 🙂


Update:  The host for this second domain has just contacted me to say they are looking into it. I’m hoping for a speedy resolution.

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8 thoughts on “More Plagiarism…”

  1. This might not be the same fellow:

    “Ankit Patel, Vice President Deutsche Bank, New York, NY.”

    Patel is a very common name, just like “Hall”. I googled “Tim Hall” and there are over 500,000 hits, mot of them are not you!

    Have you tried calling the published contact phone numbers?

    Administrative Contact:
          Patel, Ankit

    Patel, Ankit
    (201) 758-0789

  2. Hi.

    The contact email address on whois for one of the dodgy domains is, which is why it stood out.

    Of course, there is nothing to say that the perpetrator of this act has not stolen this identity to cover his tracks. I can only speak as I find.



  3. Hey Oracle, get on this Patel guy for claiming to be an Oracle

    I’m having some problem integrating such blatant theft into my brain.

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