Guinea Pigs…


My nephews are now the proud owners of two guinea pigs (Ben and Jerry). I was holding a particularly nervous Jerry when I felt a warm wet sensation in my lap. Guinea pig urine, the perfect present… Not!



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4 thoughts on “Guinea Pigs…”

  1. Our pigs did the same thing when we first got them. We would have them on an old cushion just watching the TV and before we knew it, the cushion was a little bit wet!! I guess it’s just their way of marking you as their own! They stopped after a month or so and now let us know when they need to be put back in the pen again

  2. my guineapigs are quite small, i have always had fairly small ones. sometimes theyre fat then thin again and they love to be cuddled but one always crawls up my shoulder and tries to jump. it is very funny indeed.

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