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I’ve just finished the second book (The Vampire Lestat) in the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. In the first book (Interview with the Vampire) the Lestat character seems cold and heartless, while in this book you discover his history and see the reasons behind this facade. It really turns the whole character around in a quite unexpected way. There were a couple of sections of the book that seemed to drag a little, but I guess that was because I was impatient to know the outcome of some events.

I’ve now started the third book (Queen of the Damned), which should prove rather interesting.

Regarding the films, I think Interview with the Vampire was quite true to the story in the book, but the Queen of the Damned film seems to take most of its story from the second book, The Vampire Lestat, rather than from the book of the same name. This is a little confusing, but I guess films often do that sort of thing. đŸ™‚



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3 thoughts on “The Vampire Lestat…”

  1. one thing i can say is that anne rice made the best character
    ever. the only person that can really play lestat is
    STUART TOWNSEND. he is the best!

  2. See I’ll have to diagree with you there. I thought that Tom Cruise was an amazing Lestat.
    Stuart Townsend, though hot and a pretty good actor,just wasn’t the best that I’ve seen. Although he was really good in QOTD.

  3. I cannot believe that anyone could possibly think that Stuart Townsend was good as Lestat!!! First & foremost, Lestat is
    blond, which is mentioned repeatedly in all of the Vampire Chronicles, & he just doesn’t portray the depth of Lestat, Tom
    Cruise was by far better, but on the whole the Queen of the Damned film was total rubbish, it misses out key points from
    the books & is mainly based on the Vampire Lestat rather than the Queen of the Damned, it’s very unfortunate, as it could
    have been fantastic!

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