Just like Fight Club…


I feel like Edward Norton at the start of Fight Club. The bit where he’s living in a sleepless limbo. On Monday I got to work 2 hours late. Yesterday I was 4 hours late. Today, I got in on time, but I only got 2 hours sleep so I’m next-to-useless. I feel physically sick and my chest feels really heavy.

Last night I tried an over-the-counter sleeping remedy and some booze. Neither worked!

On the positive side, I got my copies of my PL/SQL Tuning book this morning.



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2 thoughts on “Just like Fight Club…”

  1. I’ve already had one of them!

    I’m down in London this weekend, so I’ve got a few late nights, which will no doubt reinforce this dodgy time zone I’m in. Last night I got 3 hours sleep. I’m a mess!



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