I’m still alive…


Just to let you know, the operation on my knee went well. There is less pain now than there was before, which is cool. I’ve got to keep myself from getting excited and using it too much or I might end up delaying the healing process.

My pulse rate was about 59 until they said they were going to put a cannula in my hand, then it shot up to 75 :). The last time I had a cannula it took 5 attempts to put it in, but this one went in with no problems. I don’t remember anything about the anesthetic. I have total memory loss from just after the cannula was put in until the time I woke up, so I’ve lost 5-10 minutes somewhere. I was out cold for just over an hour.

When I came round I chatted to the nurses for a while, read for about 1 hour, had some food and went home. So the whole process, from first consultation to now was less than 2 weeks. Pretty cool!

I can walk fine already, but I have to be careful for a few days. I’m working from home for the next 2 weeks. I have to start physio in 2 weeks and they think it will be sorted in 6 weeks. Here’s hoping.



PS. Thanks for all the messages of support.

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7 thoughts on “I’m still alive…”

  1. Glad to hear you’re on the mend. I’ll lift a glass in your honor. Hope your recovery is speedy, I would guess it should be as you sound like you were in pretty darned good shape prior to the surgery.

    Bill S.

  2. I took an experimental surgery class as an undergrad. The main project was to insert a
    cannula into a rat’s brain to test a particular chemical’s modification of feeding behavior.
    Some of the mistakes these pre-meds and pre-dentals made were quite entertaining. One lady
    (who I think is now a professor of biochemistry) missed the part about removing the inner
    cannula periodically to prevent it from sticking. So when she went to remove it for the
    experiment, she yanked and yanked… until she popped the entire top of the rat’s skull off.
    Didn’t seem to bother the rat much, it ate as much as the control group. I have pictures
    I will post eventually, but I wish I could have caught the look on her face.

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