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Last week was my first full week back to my normal routine since the knee operation. Everything held up pretty well, all things considered. I don’t have any knee problems when swimming or Yoga, but I’ll have to go carefully for a few weeks at Karate and keep up my rehab exercises. I found the rehab exercises and gym stuff a little boring at first, but I’m starting to get into it. Fingers crossed, I’m through the worst of it now. Here’s a picture of me messing about before Yoga on Saturday, which shows I’m not exactly struggling with the knee anymore… 🙂

On Saturday night I went so see my friends Jodie and Mel singing backing vocals in a Meat Loaf tribute band called Maet Loaf. There were a couple of technical difficulties with the venue, but the whole band still managed to put on a great performance. I guess a sign of true professionalism is being able to pull it out of the bag when everything around you is not all it should be. 🙂



PS. I got a speeding ticket. The first one in 20 years of driving. Gutted!

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4 thoughts on “General Life Update…”

  1. I see you’re completely recovered! If I tried that exercise, I’d need a knee operation straight after! Or more likely, surgical extraction.

  2. Hi sir,
    So good to see that you have recovered completely.Realy nice that you are “back in action” :-).
    With best regards

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