Oracle Database 10g for Windows Vista…


I’ve been on holiday for a few days, so this latest release passed me by.

Oracle Database 10g Downloads



PS. Please don’t ask me for help installing Oracle on Vista. I’ve never done it and I don’t plan on trying. Instead I would advise you use VMware Server or Virtual Box to run Oracle on Oracle Enterprise Linux. A much neater solution in my opinion.

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  1. Tried downloading of Oracle 10g for vista, got error message
    like High Security alert!, can anybody pl. help me w.r.t Oracle 10g

  2. You’ve got to be kidding me. You asked the same question over a month ago!

    The link is present in the article!



  3. I am trying to do some research on 10g for Vista, are you able to tell me the actual release date of this product?


  4. I downloded the Oracle 10g vista version database and have been finding it difficult to extract from the zipped file let alone install,it returns error messages like unexecutable jar file.Is it possible that the Home basic or premium isn’t compatible.Pls reply asap thanks.

  5. Hi.

    I’ve never used it so I don’t know. I guess my first suggestion would be to redownload it and try again. Also, don’t use the default unzip mechanism in Vista. It’s slow and unreliable. Download WinZip and use that instead.



  6. i mtrying to install oracle 10g version on my laptop..but it gives me errorthat first remove the previous version and the download next..
    but i had already removed the first what can i do???

  7. Hi.

    I would expect it to be supported on all versions of Vista, but I’ve never tried the installation, so I don’t know if it works.

    Just make sure you download the Vista-specific version.



  8. I am a teacher. Can you please give me a help on how to access the Oracle 10g from the Server using Vista?

  9. hi.
    I´ve read all the blog,but i have a particular question. In my school we have a oracle server and we have access to it with the tool SQL Developer. I want to do something equal at home. Building a server of oracle, and aceding to it with SQL Developer. Can you gave to me the link of the software wich is the right one to install in my desktop to make it a Oacle server. I dont know if it is a server or a client. I am confused. I am Portuguese, and i dont find many ansers to my problem in my language. So if you can help me i would be very thankfull. The OS is windows XP. But i would also want to install in ubuntu, that that is another question or story.Thanks

  10. Hi.

    You can get the Database software for Windows here:

    You need the database software, not the client.

    If you are installing Oracle 11g it comes with SQL Developer. If you are installing Oracle 10g, you will have to download and install SQL Developer here:

    The windows installations are pretty straight forward. If you have an specific questions please ask them on my forum:



  11. Hi.

    This should be part of the Oracle client installation. Pick a custom installation and you should see it on the list.



  12. Trying to download Oracle Database 10g Release 2 ( for vista but keeps giving me network error message related to dhcp adapter to be primary which i have already done.I am really frustrated with vista.I have the premium home edition.What is the solution?

  13. Hi.

    I don;t know what it can be. I’ve never had problems downloading Oracle software, regardless of OS.



  14. plz , i’ve installed oracle 10g relaese 2 , on my laptop vista, but alot of errors .
    so what can i do to installed successfuly

    i’m waiting replay as soon as possiple .


  15. I’ve never installed Oracle on Vista. All I know is you need the Vista specific download. The normal Windows version of Oracle is not suitable.



  16. I’ve tried downloading and installing d software on Vista Home premium version and yet it’s not working, can someone tell me what to do?

  17. Has anyone ever actually had success installing Oracle 10.2.0 on Vista Home Premium? I see several people asking questions related to that and it seems that Tim consistently only responds that the Vista specific version must be downloaded. I’ve downloaded that and it will still not properly install.


  18. Hi.

    The reason I always give the same answer is explained 2 posts above yours if you had read it. It quite clearly states:

    “I’ve never installed Oracle on Vista.”

    Instead I use VMware Server on Vista and install Oracle on an Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.x virtual machine.

    I don’t ever plan on installing Oracle on Vista because it is unlikely I will ever be asked to work with Oracle on Vista in a production environment.



  19. Tim, the post from Michal was addressed to “anyone” … meaning other people reading this blog. I’ve heard that you cannot by a new computer with anything except vista, so there are going to be a lot of people with no other opeating system to use. At work they have forced word 2007 on us and are threating us with Vista, which is why I took a look at this blog. I guess the problem is that people who have installed Vista successfully aren’t reading this … if they exist. VM ware looks like the best solution.

  20. hai this is satish i wanted to install oracle 10g in my pc whis was running with windows vista home basic any one can help me

  21. Hi, i hve windows vista home premium and m in a dire need to install oracle in my laptop but m abit skeptical which version will b compatible n run smoothly without any problems. Tim keeps on telling the same ive nvr tried to install n al but i want help pls help me tim

  22. How can I help you do something I have not, and will not, do?

    Either install the Vista version available from OTN or install VMware Server and install Oracle on a decent OS.



  23. hi tim, please inform me whether vistsa home premium is suitable for installation of oracle 10g to use in production environment.

  24. Hi.

    Windows Vista is not a server operating system, so I would not advise running any production system on it. One look at the previous comments will tell you that there are issues with this, since most people can;t get it to actually run successfully on Vista.



  25. Hi.

    There is no 11gR2 version. All previous versions were released before Windows 7. As a result there is no guarantee any will work.

    There is a 10g version for Vista. You might want to try that, and maybe the 11gR1 version for Windows.

    Remember, Vista and Windows 7 are for client PCs. Oracle is a server product. Support for client installations is always going to be dubious.

    My suggestions is run a virtualization product like VMware Server and install Oracle Enterprise Linux on it. You can then use Oracle properly.



  26. Hi Sir,
    Can I be able to install 10gR2 and 11gR2 on one machine. I have Installaed 10gR2 in ‘C’ drive(Vista 32 bit machine) and planning to install 11gR2 onother drive which is having 20GB free. Can I be able to do it with out both version of oracle clashing wiht each other.


  27. Hi.

    If they are just basic file system installations, then you should have no problems. If you are planning to use ASM then it’s a bit trickier as 11gR2 can not run on the same machine as 10gR2 ASM. You would have to upgrade 10gR2 ASM to 11gR2 and use that for both instances.

    From your description, it sounds like this is just a test system for yourself. If this is the case I would suggest using something like VirtualBox or VMware Server (both are free) and run the Oracle installation in a virtual machine. That way you will have no problems with clashing versions.



  28. hi

    how can i install oracle 10g forms in window vista premium and can vista support them
    plz tell me as soon as possible


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