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I’ve been struggling for inspiration of late, so I thought I would change the theme of my blog in an attempt to inject some life back into things.

WordPress 2.2 includes “Widgets” which allow simple structural changes of the screen layout using a drag and drop editor.


You need a widget compliant template to use this, but making your template widget compliant is pretty simple. Just four lines of code.



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5 thoughts on “Blog Update…”

  1. Hmm. Lime green. Certainly different although I’m not sure I’d go as far as ‘nice’ 🙂

    PS. In IE6, there is a large gap before the WP screenshot.

  2. Andy C: I’ve checked it in IE7 and Firefox and it looks fine. I guess it must be an IE6 issue.

    The Lime green is a bit “in your face”, but it makes a change for the dull gray I had before. It may get switched to a more conservative blue in time. 🙂



  3. Andy C:

    The theme doesn’t deal well with large images if you are displaying it in a small window. It either looses the right hand toolbar, or puts loads of spaces above the image.

    I’ve switched to using a thumbnail so the post format is ok.



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