For the last year or more in the UK they have been showing a Citroen advert on TV with a car that turns into a robot then dances, ice skates and runs. The camera work on this advert is really clean and you can see everything really clearly. I went into the Transformers movie expecting to see something similar, which no doubt tainted my view of the movie.

It’s a good movie and no doubt deserves the 8/10 ratings people have been giving it, but there were two major drawbacks, which seem to be common to every film these days:

  • If I make it longer, it must be better! Wrong! Keep kids films like this under 90 minutes and they will go down a storm. Take them above 90 minutes and they become boring.
  • If I shake the camera it will look exciting! Wrong! It just makes me want to start fitting. It seems these days the only prerequisite for being a Hollywood camera person is to have an acute case of Parkinson’s.

Moaning aside, I enjoyed it, but with a few minor modifications I could have come out saying it was the best film I’ve ever seen.



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One thought on “Transformers…”

  1. Not seen transformers yet, but I did watch a DVD called Deja-Vu last night at home. It stars Denzel Washington and I had to smile during the bit where Denzel ends up talking to the agents in the time machine…all I could think was “Analytics rock and roll!”

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