I’ve had an extended break from reading fiction. I’ve never been a big fan of reading, but I’ve been trying to force myself…

After reading the 10 books that make up the “Vampire Chronicles” I moved on to the “Lives of the Mayfair Witches”. This was a three book series, but I stalled after finishing the second book (Lasher). In a fit of boredom I recently picked up the final book (Taltos) and read it. After about 10 pages I was gutted I had waited so long to start it. Whether you love or hate Anne Rice, she has a really good knack for pacing a book just right. I think this makes about 15 or so books I’ve read and she seems to get me hooked so easily.

All of the main players were familiar because of the previous books, and the later books in the Vampire Chronicles explain some of the characters lives after this book ends. This is bit weird as you already know who what happens to people, but it doesn’t spoil th fun.

I’m now moving on to “Vittorio, The Vampire”. This is the second book in the “New Tales of the Vampires” series. I left this until last as it is apparently a stand alone story, with no ties back to the other books. It’s supposed to be a bit more like a love story, which doesn’t bode well, but I bought it when I bought all the other books, so it seems a shame not to read it.

A couple of the guys at work have been telling me to read the Discworld stuff by Terry Parachett. It sounds kinda fun, but with 37 books and counting, it’s really rather daunting. I guess time will tell if I get suckered into that one.



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4 thoughts on “Taltos…”

  1. Tim…
    You gotta give Pratchett a go – you dont need previous Discworld experience – I’ll admit it adds to the richness but each book sits on its own quite happily. Have to admit I did not enjoy the first books much but Moving Pictures – a take on early Hollywood and Hogfather- where ‘Death’ plays Father Christmas, both stand out for me.

  2. I’m not even sure how many I’ve read, but I’ve really enjoyed discworld (and some other Pratchetisms).

  3. Pratchett’s Discworld series is *fantastic* – even the 4 kids books that he’s done (“ack, crivens!”) are brilliant. Only thing that I’d say is if you start with the Colour of Magic (the first book in the series), don’t give up if you find it hard going. It’s my least favourite Discworld book, and it’s in a different style to the rest (I think it’s taking the mick out of Roleplayers or something; the humour isn’t the same as it is in the rest of the books). In fact, I’d recommend not starting with that one, but starting with “The Light Fantastic” instead.

    Many’s the time that I’ve sat sniggering on the train due to his books, despite knowing how annoying it is! Can’t help it though!

  4. God, am crazy about Anne Rice, Terry too but Anne more. I’m chasing all her books. Your blog hust gave me an idea, am going to buy all her books. I googled her yesterday and found out she’d stopped writing. Am devastated. But am glad there’s a number I haven’t read. Terry is hilarious, try him out.

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