OpenWorld arrival and Day 1…


Let me start by saying Vikki Lira and Emily Yip are superstars! They are the people that organized just about everything for me this year. This has been the most painless and effort free trip I’ve ever been on, and it’s entirely down to their organizational skills. You deserver a very big thanks and a pay raise.

I got in to San Francisco about 21:10 local time on Saturday, which was 1 hour late, but the limo was waiting and I got to the hotel about 22:00 I guess. Unfortunately, I was so tired I couldn’t sleep, so I lay awake until about 01:00 the next day. Never mind.

Yesterday was the first day of work for me. I had the Oracle ACE Directors meetings all day. It was good getting to see everyone face to face. A time to meet some new people, and touch base for the first time since last year with others. After all the meetings, it was off to the Larry Ellison keynote speach, then off to the Oracle ACE dinner. It was a very long day for someone so tired, but fun too.

I won’t bore you with the details of the day, just list a few funny things:

I was with Lewis Cunningham waiting for a few of the guys to show up when I was sure the ground was shaking. He assured me it wasn’t, which was when I learnt that jeg lag can sometimes make you feel like there’s a minor earthquake going on. I guess it’s like getting your land legs again. Never happened to me before.

Doug Burns turned to me later in the evening and said, “martial arts films and jet lag…” I was expecting this to be the precursor to a good slagging off over the lack of Oracle content on my blog, but his biggest concern was I didn’t seem to be suffering as much as him in the jet lag stakes. Some of us hide it better than others. :) I was a little disturbed by the lack of soft toys with Doug, but I noticed on his blog some have made the journey with him. I hope they coped with the jet lag better than he did.

Eddie Awad did a live podcast from the pub. I have no clue what I said, but I was tired and I’d had a drink, which I don’t usually do. That’s my excuse if I was talking gibberish. Of course, if it was truely insightful, then it’s all down to me. :)

I think I’ve got a full schedule of talks today, but I might have to ditch some of them. I went to bed as 00:00 and I woke up at 04:00. It’s now 07:00 and I’m starting to feel really tired again…



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