Saint Francis Memorial Hospital…

I had to go to the ER of Saint Francis Memorial Hospital this morning. My legs have been feeling a little odd over the last couple of days. They’ve been cramping and feeling really heavy. I got up this morning, did some blogging and answered my emails and by the time I finished my legs were cramping quite badly. I went on the internet and found one of the many possible causes of severe cramping is Deep Vein Thrombosis, which unknown to me can occur several days after flying. Needless to say I went double-quick to the hospital…

Several hours and some blood tests later it turned out I was suffering from dehydration. I’ve got to take a combination of Ibuprofen and some muscle relaxants for the next couple of days to try and help everything relax, and of course drink lots of water. The bonus from all this is the muscle relaxants should help me sleep… 🙂



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7 thoughts on “Saint Francis Memorial Hospital…”

  1. OOTH – did you tell the Doctor you thought it might be a bad case of ‘jet lag’ ?

    PS. How many thousand dollars did this consultation cost ?

  2. Blimey Tim, sorry to hear that, not exactly the sort of thing you want to happen while away from home (or even when you’re at home for that matter).

    Hope you’re feeling better before the long haul back home again.


  3. Hey that sucks mate, not that you were likely to drink anything other than water at OOW anyway.

  4. Cheers guys. All is well now.

    The bill is about $1000, but I have travel insurance, so I should get most of that back. 😉



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