Tag! Here goes a chain letter…

I just got tagged by Chris Muir, so here goes my 8 things you may not know about me:

  1. When I was 14 years old I weighed 19 stone. That’s 266 pounds or 121 kilos.
  2. I was a distinctly average student at school. A few of my friends were surprised when I passed my exams. Education only really started to click with me after I left school and could focus on subjects I was interested in. At sixth form and university I started getting into my groove.
  3. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 15, so that’s about 23 years and counting. Even before that I ate very little meat and I never ate fish. I don’t like eggs and I can’t drink milk on its own. I love cheese. Life without cheese is not life. :)
  4. I have a form of diabetes known as MODY. In my case it relates to a mutation of the Glucokinase gene. It’s no big thing, but I have to avoid getting too fat and I have to be careful with sugary food (refined or natural).
  5. I played guitar in a couple of bands (Pondlife and Coppertongue) at University. The bands were pretty good, but I wasn’t. I specialized in making weird noises with my guitar effects, rather than actually playing.
  6. I love singing. If I’m alone I sing out loud. If I’m in public I sing in my head. If you see me in the street or in a shop I’m not a crazy guy talking to himself. I’m just singing. :) I can hold a tune, but I’m no star in the making.
  7. Most of my adult life I’ve been an insomniac. I find it very difficult to get to sleep and when I do I wake up a lot during the night. As a result I tend to remember lots of dreams. On average about 3-5 distinct dreams a night. I keep meaning to start writing them down but I’ve never got round to it yet.
  8. I started working with Oracle by accident. I was at an interview and they asked me if I’d heard of Oracle and I said, “Is that the teletext stuff on TV?” At the time Oracle was the name for teletext on ITV, so it wasn’t as dumb as it sounds. Somehow I got the job anyway and the rest is history.

I’m going to tag Andrew Clarke, Andy C, David Aldridge, Dimitri Gielis, Howard Rogers, Jeff Hunter, John Scott and Kevin Closson. (Alphabetical from my blogroll, hopefully not repeating anyone. :) )



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