7 thoughts on “Table Compression Enhancements in 11g…”

  1. The link doesn’t work for me. I see a page, but it looks like your page formatting screwed up and couldn’t see the specified content.

    I’m sure it’s a very good article :o).


  2. hi,

    can anyone tell me the candidates required to compress the oracle 11 g tables.?

  3. if no bdy is supposed to reply then what the purpose of this blog ?

    isnt it better if u close it ?

  4. Hi.

    Your question doesn’t make sense, that’s why it was not answered.

    I run this blog, a website and a forum all in my spare time and I don’t get paid for it. If you require a service level agreement I suggest you contact Oracle support and pay for it, rather than complaining about not getting answers from free resources.



  5. I have a production database with tables uncompressed. Using datapump, wants created test database with all compressed tables. My goal is create test database on less space using production backup.

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