Fedora 9 and Oracle 11g…

I wrote a couple of articles against a beta version of Fedora 9 before I went on holiday. I did a run through against the final release of Fedora 9 today and they seem fine, so here they are:

The installation process doesn’t give you the option to turn off SELinux or the firewall. You can do it after the installation, so it’s just a small annoyance, but I don’t like it.

If you want to know my opinions on the distribution itself, read my post on Fedora 8. It’s six months later and there is still no visible sign of a direction for this distribution. I don’t think my opinion has changed.



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3 thoughts on “Fedora 9 and Oracle 11g…”

  1. Just came across. On the review of Fedora 8, you have noted that Fedora comes on several cd’s instead of one but seems to have missed out that Fedora does provide multiple choices here.

    1) Regular Installation DVD
    2) Regular Installation CD’s.
    3) Installable Live CD’s
    4) Several custom variants at http://spins.fedoraproject.org

    Also the live cd’s are more suitable for the desktop while the regular installations allow for more customization. Hope that helps.

  2. hi
    i can’t install oracle 11G on fedora 9 cause i got a problem with step checking prerriquisites one message show like this.

    network interface’s primary system must be configured with a static IP address for the Oracle software to work properly.

    See the installation guide for more information on installing the software on systems configured with DHCP

    so .. someone can help me please.?

  3. Jose oracle 11g uses protocol TCP/IP…..All you have to do is to first of all uninstall you product…Delete the instance files from your c: drive and also the database from the program files and ofcourse restart you system..afterwards start installing it again and when you see the pre requisite test failed mark the check box and afterwards continue with installation…after installation you shouldnt have the problem and if you still do…..check you network services on fedora & change the protocol for dynamic ip addressing i.e TCP/IP with its DNS…Ciao

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