Getting into the swing of normal life…

I’m back from Tallinn and I’m now trying to get back into normal life. These trips make you feel important for a couple of days before crashing back to reality… 🙂

My sightseeing went well. “Old Town” at the centre of the city looks really cool and has a nice vibe. Cobbled roads, fancy churches, lots of cool looking buildings and big stone walls all over the place. It’s nice just to meander through the streets. I was lucky enough to be there during a festival, so there were bands of all styles playing on stages in the street. Outside of Old Town, the city is much like any European city. The same sort of shops and activities you would expect to see in any modern city. I certainly wouldn’t feel out of place living there.

I checked out the cost of food, clothing and electrical items in the shops and it seemed pretty much in line with UK costs, so I guess the American tourists thought it was very expensive.

If I had planned my sightseeing, I think I could have covered the main tourist areas of the city in the first couple of evenings (the days were very long) and the final half day, which would have left a whole day to get out of the city and check out the surrounding towns. As it was, I didn’t plan anything so I stayed in the city. 🙂

So overall, Tallinn get’s a big thumbs up from me. For those not familiar with the term “thumbs up“, that means I liked it. 🙂

Now I have to get back in the swing of real life… 🙂



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