I made it to San Francisco!

After watching my name bounce from 3rd, to 2nd, to 1st, then back to 2nd in the standby list I finally got on the plane. Talk about relief!

Well I’m in San Francisco at the Serrano hotel, just across from the Hilton. I smell of long haul plane, but I’m going straight out to register and have a look round.

I’ve got a pig of a headache now, but I’m happy I finally made it.

Big thanks to the ladies and gentlemen at Oracle Travel and to Lillian for organizing everything for me at this end. Also, big thanks for the messages from everyone on my last post. 🙂



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3 thoughts on “I made it to San Francisco!”

  1. Glad you made it . . . man when I saw your travel logistics I nearly fainted.

    I get in on Wed morning.

  2. I’m sure that a film goer like you would have spotted to overtones of Tom Hanks’ and The Terminal” a man doomed to spend eternity at an airport unable to travel on or back… but then perhaps not enough action in that film for you 🙂

    Glad you arrived – made me vow to book a direct flight when I go out to Redwood Shores in December to speak at the BIWA summit

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