Tuesday at OpenWorld…


Despite feeling under the weather I managed to get in a pretty full day…

Oracle VM Scalability and Manageability with HP

Takehome messages:

  • Paravirtualization (PVM) works at near base hardware speed.
  • Hardware virtualization (HVM) is significantly slower than paravirtualization.
  • HVM can have up to 8 LUNs, while PVM can have up to 26 LUNs.
  • Oracle VM scales well. In the test shown, 5 VMs give better throughput than 1 large VM.
  • Live migration speed is dependent on the size of the SGA, how quickly its contents are dirtied and the speed of your network.

Deploying High Availability in Virtualized Environments with Oracle VM

Takehome messages:

  • Do any NIC binding and multipath configuration in Dom0 so it is available for all VMs on the server.
  • Clustered active/passive with automatic failover can be configured using Oracle clusterware.
  • Deploy servers in pools, each pool having a master. The VMs are not affected by the VM Manager being down as the master servers can still communicate.
  • OVM 2.1.2 can now have VM Manger database on an external server, not on the OVM Server box.

Some of this talk passed me by as it was dealing with such large amounts of hardware I was starting to get server-envy. 🙂

Current Trends in Real-World Database Performance

This session was an introduction to the two session I’m down to see on Thursday. Nothing new hear, really just a primer. Even so, it was easy listening.

Top 10 Things You Wanted to Know About Automatic Storage Management but Were Afraid to Ask

I don’t use ASM much, so I expected there to be some new stuff here for me. As it happened, the session was a basic primer. It seemed to go down quite well with the audience, many of who I expect are just venturing into the world of ASM. I suppose I should have written down the 10 things so I could post them, but I couldn’t be bothered. I don’t think anything was mentioned that was not already in my 10g and 11g ASM articles. There are also some whitepapers on OTN.

That was it for the talks…

I bumped into Slavik Markovich of Sentrigo towards the end of the day. He used his Jesus phone to get me directions to the Oracle ACE dinner. Nice one!

I was a bit late for the Oracle ACE dinner, but I was glad I made it. It was a good night and I got to talk to a few new people. Big thanks to the ACE program for making the effort!



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