Windows Vista gets a new theme called Windows 7…


Let’s see:

  • The install seems no better than Vista.
  • The usage doesn’t seem much different to Vista.
  • Doesn’t seem any faster than Vista.
  • It does look a little different to Vista though.

OK. Now I see. Vista is getting lots of bad press, so let’s put on a new theme and install IE8 by default and tell everyone it’s a new and exciting product.

Amazing. Can’t wait until I can pay cash for it… Not…



Update: Just got back from a mates house. He was running Vista with a Windows 7 theme and it was a struggle to tell the difference. πŸ™‚

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5 thoughts on “Windows Vista gets a new theme called Windows 7…”

  1. Not sure how good this one is going to be. MS did a lot of advertisement saying that they have removed lot of (junk) code from the original Vista code and also , they are going to use some thing called MinWin kernel and lots of other blah blah like that. But having the first look of it, I too didn’t find it very different and fast compared to Vista, running it on a c2d 4gig ram box. Not sure what MS is upto, I guess frustration is taking over them πŸ™‚ .


  2. Have you installed windows 7? I ran RC1 and I didn’t have to install any drivers. My wireless card, video, sound even my printer all ran from the moment I logged in. That alone will save tons of time when ever you build a new system. Sure its vista at the core but at least all my stuff ran without any problems.

  3. Q. “Have you installed windows 7?”

    A. My first point was, “The install seems no better than Vista.” Kinda implies I’ve done an install to me. πŸ™‚

    Unlike many people, I didn’t have any trouble with my Vista installation either, so the install process for Vista and Windows 7 seemed no different to me. Maybe if I had more exotic hardware I would have seen a difference, but with a Dell Inspiron 9400 Windows 7 seemed no difference to Vista to me.



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