Star Trek and Watchmen…

Forgot to mention, I went to see Star Trek the other day. It wasn’t too bad. The bad guy was pretty lame and there were some definite child-friendly moments, but on the whole an enjoyable action film.

It’s quite funny seeing the development of the characters, and it’s different enough to give your average Trekkie the vapors, which is always fun. After watching it I read a few reviews which made me laugh. I remember the original Star Trek series as being really cool when I was young, but if you watch is now it is really bad, but people still talk about it like it’s amazing. I had a ZX81 when I was a kid and it was brilliant, but I couldn’t be bothered to use one now. Move on! The latest film brings everything up to date. Full of action and no substance, just the way Hollywood like it.

Before the film they played the trailer for G.I Joe and Terminator 4. G.I. Joe looked like it could be fun, but Terminiator looked completely awesome.

Another film I forgot to mention was Watchmen, which I went to see ages ago. To summarize it in a single word, “Toilet”. Note the capital “T”. The trailer with the Smashing Pumpkins track was amazing. The film was not. I remember 2 good sequences in it and that was it. As for the blue guy, all I can say is Dude, put some underwear on! I really don’t need to full frontals of a guy who’s blue and glowing on a massive cinema screen. It put me right off my popcorn. 🙂

Still haven’t got round to seeing Wolverine. Maybe when I get back from this trip.



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4 thoughts on “Star Trek and Watchmen…”

  1. Hi Tim,

    Yeah, I still have yet to see the new Trek film. I am more of a Star Wars fan though. The new X-Men movie, Wolverine was good. As for Watchmen movie, I agree- it was a serious disappointment. Trek looks good as does the upcoming Terminator flick.


  2. I’m looking forwards to seeing the new Star Trek movie; sounds like I’ll enjoy it!

    I did like Watchmen, but I’ve not read the comic book. Agree on the whole blue man thing, though; perhaps it wouldn’t have been quite so bad if I’d not seen it at an IMAX!!

  3. I liked both ST (yesterday, I was off work recovering from shortlived bad cold) and WM (seen while off work recovering from surgery, both in smaller theaters). I’d definitely go see ST again in digital if either kid or wife (or boss, for that matter 🙂 want to. Boss has very old bottle of Klingon beer in his office.

    I remember being 11 and my friend and I not having a great time playing because we both wanted to be Spock. Last I heard, he became an orthodox rabbi.

    Of course, I’ve been a fan of everything ST, I even went to conventions in the ’70’s. The Corvette in the movie was very much like my first one. I never let my nephew drive it! I’d like to see the characters evolve into the evil-universe characters for the next in the series 🙂 The movie did suffer a bit from too-much-spinny-gee-whiziness, but that’s not really a complaint.

    Did think the WM plot was too convoluted, and people focus too much on the obviously fake blue parts, but liked it nevertheless.

    Someone gave me the latest Shatner autobiography for my birthday, it was OK.

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