Dinosaurs Aplenty…


Last week was Dinosaur week for me…

First, I went with my nephews to see Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs at the cinema. They managed to muscle in dinosaurs with ice age creatures quite well really. It was a fun kids film with some adult laughs thrown in to keep the parents happy.

Yesterday we went to the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham to see Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular. I wasn’t expecting this to be very good, but thought the kids would like it. In actual fact is was excellent. Rather than trying to explain how they did it, it’s probably better if you watch some of the footage from the website. Very impressive.



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5 thoughts on “Dinosaurs Aplenty…”

  1. Hi sir,

    I just checked the website and just one word is coming, WOW WOW WOW! Its just spectacular !


  2. Certainly Ice Age 3 is one of those films meant for children joined by adults. The parents keep the message between lines meanwhile the kids keep the animation and have fun.
    I saw “Walking with dinosaurs”, it was created after the BBC documentary TV work. It is great.

  3. I saw the walking with dinosaurs earlier this year in Anaheim. Very impressive, cousins had noted ad after the TV show.

    Also saw the 3D ice age, we all liked it. Kinda strains my eyes though with those glasses.

  4. Hi Tim,

    We saw the Dinosaurs too at the NIA on the Saturday before you… Well worth it !



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