Elbow update (the final one)…


I saw the surgeon today for my final checkup on my elbow. I’ve got the green light to get back to normal life again. 🙂

The problem in my elbow was leading to pins & needles, loss of feeling and loss of strength in my left hand. There was some concern that even after the operation the loss of feeling and strength may be permanent. Well, a couple of months after the operation and all is good. I have no pins & needles or loss of feeling in my left hand, and funnily enough my left hand has better grip strength than my right now, which is a little unusual as I am right handed… 🙂

So I’m hoping that marks then end of that little episode…



PS. I was at a wedding recently and I managed to convince someone the scar was the result of a shark attack. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Elbow update (the final one)…”

  1. You must either have the world’s messiest surgeon, or have run into the world’s neatest shark 😉

    Glad to hear it all went successfully.

  2. Hi.

    Graham: I told them I was just glancing blow from a reef sharks tooth, not a full on bite. 🙂

    Francisco: Yes. I got the message. My inbox is rather full at the moment. I’m working from the bottom up. I do plan on coming. 🙂



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