CentOS 5.4 rolls in…


CentOS 5.4 has been released…

I still use CentOS as the host OS for my home server so it’s nice to have the update, but I never use it for Oracle installations anymore. I only use Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) for that. Both RHEL and OEL have had 5.4 for a little while now, so there’s nothing different about the CentOS 5.4 release…



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  1. I used Centos where I worked once and (as you might expect) it was devoid of many many features I used in Fedora.

    A post I wrote for OTN forum:


    comes from where I am not sure but it is complete and it works unlike Oracle instructions that are incomplete.

    HMMM! Believe I’ll look to see if this site has info on emca!


    Note that the instructions advise the user to change the name of the release in /etc.

    Change the release name and everything proceeds smoothly on Fedora anyway.


    covers the Linux problem of pam.d whereas the Oracle instructions DO NOT.

    Yes I reported it!

    BTW these instructions advise disabling SELINUX and that is a great idea.

    I disabled SELINUX but get warnings when doing severely ordinary tasks…like typing into a text box!

  2. I joined amidst giving my yahoo email address and then something about Google.

    I don’t have a gmail account.

    How do I log back in?

  3. CentOS is a clone of RHEL. It is an enterprise distribution, mostly used on the server side where stable installations with long term support are important. As a result it won’t have many of the features of bleeding edge distributions like Fedora or Ubuntu. It’s not really fair to compare them as they are for different things.

    I’ve never seen an issue with turning SELINUX off. It seems to be a pretty standard thing to do for server installations.

    “comes from where I am not sure” – I know where they come from. I write them. 🙂



  4. yes!!!
    just discovered you and now have an account….

    Thanks to the site oracle-base.com,
    I successfully installed 11gR1 on my Fedora 10.

    Only problem now is to get emca straightened out on XP Prof SP3.

    I’ll do a search!
    I get messages saying some environment symbol is not defined and it has been for weeks.

  5. if I didn’t turn SELINUX off I’d be stopped almost immediately while looking at some “ordinary” site.

    Even when not doing anything with servers.

  6. Fedora 11 caused me a lot of grief. There is a problem related to video cards plugged into AGP slots (see Fedora 11 release).
    My install would go so far and black screen with a message “cannot write to dvd-d”.

    I have to wait for F12!

  7. I am planning to upgrade my 2-nodes Oracle Cluster from Centos 4.4 to 5.4.

    Any one done this.
    I am running Oracle10gR2 and plan to upgrade 11gR2.


  8. Hi.

    The first thing I would suggest is you dump CentOS and use Oracle Enterprise Linux. Why? It’s a free binary clone of RHEL (like CentOS), but unlike CentOS it is supported by Oracle.

    I only ever use OEL for Linux installs these days.



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