3 thoughts on “The death of Itanium?”

  1. Why do you say Itanium is not a good idea? I have no particular opinion about Itanium – just curious why you say so. I hope the answer is simple enough to repsond to a comment :).


  2. Hi.

    The price/performance ratio has always been terrible compared to the regular chips. Yes they worked faster, but at what cost? Even back in the bad old Xeon days, I would have picked Xeons over Itanium if I could.

    I’ve spoken to some insiders at a well known vendor, who were the main proponents of Itanium, and they said it sucked, but it suited their business model.

    I’m sure lots of lessons were learned from it as a technology, but IA-64 never took off and now the latest batch of X86-64 processors blow them out of the water, so the end is nigh… 🙂



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