Red Hat heading for Oracle buyout?


I know it’s been said before, but I read this and thought, once Red Hat’s market value starts to drop Oracle could get a really good deal.

I thought the reference to the quality of Red Hat’s support was quite comical. I’ve always found their support to be terrible. To be more specific, you raise a service request and never get a response. If that is quality support I obviously have very different standards to the CIOs surveyed.



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8 thoughts on “Red Hat heading for Oracle buyout?”

  1. If you think RedHat’s support is bad, just try getting quality support from Oracle for their “Unbreakable Linux”. I have had a support call open with them for 4 months now regarding VM Failover and they just cannot get it to work correctly for longer than a couple of days. The broken part is their own code that they have put around the RedHat part, specifically their OV Manager.

    After wasting many many hours with them, we are now migrating back to RedHat, at least RedHat’s VM offering works!


  2. Point of interest – the CIO survey that Red Hat routinely sights is based upon vlaue derived from soltuion. It has nothing to do with support – good, bad or indifferent. Did the solution deliver value? Which Linux and specfically Red Hat does. As far as support goes, all ISVs are poor at best.

  3. Let me guess Tim? I’ll bet you $100 you’re a free or basic subscription user and you want a 24/7 SLA. Send me a screenshot of you actually paying RH and I’ll send you $100.

  4. I think you meant “their” support. Sheesh.

    “To be more specific, you raise a service request and never get a response.”

    I can assure you that that is, in the general case, untrue.

  5. David: Actually the company in question was paying quite substantial support fees to RH on a per-server basis. I don’t work with that company anymore so I can’t post details of the support contract, so although you definitely lost your bet, I can’t prove you did. πŸ™‚

    Bryn: Thanks for the typo correction. Done it now. Regarding RH support: I can only speak as I find. Maybe I’m the exception, maybe I’m not…

    Matt: I’ve never used Oracle’s Linux support, so I don’t know how that compares to Red Hat support, but from my experience it can’t be worse. πŸ™‚ I’ve had some bad experiences with Microsoft support also, so I think maybe you are correct. Perhaps terrible OS support is the norm, in which case Red Hat are doing a stand-up job. πŸ™‚



  6. Just in case someone else stumbles upon this in search of “how is RH support”…
    I have been trying to get yum to work on my machine for a few days now. I am trying to prove to my bosses that switching to Linux is a great idea. That would be a few thousand seats for RH right there.
    Since nothing can make yum see its xml file or do anything else, I finally call RH. First, I hear myself really loud. Finally I hear the other guy and myself. Then I hear only him, but very softly. Just as I finished telling him about my yum problems, I noticed eerie silence on the other line and figure that all the talk on my part was for nothing. The line just got quitly dropped while I was telling him all the things I tried to get yum working… I guess the joke’s on me.
    Other than that little fun moment, I had zero help from RH, including their online system which other than which showed me that others have asked the same question (but got no response).

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