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One of the few advantages of such long flights as UK to New Zealand is you get plenty of time to read.

I’ve mentioned several times that I’ve struggled to find something to follow the Discworld series. Several people recommended The Dresden Files series so I went out and bought the first few books. I tried a couple of times to read the first book (Storm Front) and really couldn’t get into it. I brought the first 3 books with me, just in case I got bored, and fortunately for me it was a case of third time lucky.

I really enjoyed Storm Front and can’t believe it was the same book I gave up on two times before. Just goes to show how mood and circumstance has a big impact on your taste. I’m on to the second book (Fool Moon) now and so far so good.



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One thought on “Storm Front (The Dresden Files)…”

  1. Oh *good*! I was feeling guilty that I’d recommended them to you and them not being your cup of tea!

    I’ve discovered another set of books that I think are in the same vein as The Dresden Files – Mike Carey’s Felix Castor series. Set in London in a slightly alternate reality, and Felix is an exorcist, but it’s the same kind of noir and comedic stuff as Dresden.

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