The Plague Plane…


It’s about 40 hours since I arrived back in the UK. Almost as soon as I got through the door I started to shiver so violently that I could hardly move. I eventually made it upstairs and got into the bath. Since that point my time has been spent switching between scalding hot baths and lying in bed fully clothed. The combination of the two went some way towards stopping me from feeling like I was going to freeze to death. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so cold whilst sweating so profusely.

I was feeling a little worried about going down stairs in case I got stuck there, but when I made my first trip life got a bit easier thanks to some Lemsip I found in the cupboard. This stuff is amazing. I think most General Practitioners could be replaced by a sign saying, “Take a Lemsip and go to bed you wimp!” I could pretty much tell when I was due for the next dose because my symptoms gradually started to return. I timed one trip a little badly and managed to throw about 1/4 of it down myself. Drinking hot drinks when you are shivering violently is not good for the complection. πŸ™‚

This morning I feel significantly more normal. Still a bit sweaty and my head doesn’t quite feel like it belongs to me, but I so far no shivers. I do feel like I’ve had a mega-workout at the gym though. There have been some serious isometrics going on over the last couple of days. πŸ™‚

So what do I put this down to? I could be wrong, but 24 hours in a plane full of people coughing seems like the prime suspect to me. As the hours went by the number of people coughing got bigger and bigger. By the time I boarded my last flight it sounded like everyone on the plane had TB.

Anyway, I’ve been upright for too long. I’m going back to bed.



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3 thoughts on “The Plague Plane…”

  1. Eek, hope you’re ok. Paracetamol works wonders for high temps (I’ve *never* been so cold as when my temp hit 40deg; paracetamol started working within 5 mins of taking it, which I thought was pretty amazing!).

    Get better quickly!

  2. Yikes! That indeed looks like a chemical or bug-induced “crowd pleaser”…

    Hmm, when they stopped smokers in the airlines, I predicted we’d soon see full plane loads of folks getting seriously sick at the end of long flights.

    The airlines were dying to save money on air purification and cleaning. They have done just that, once they didn’t have to get rid of smoke anymore.


    One thing I’ve found helps nowadays is to carry one of those Vicks sniffers. A sniff every now and then when the nose appears to start clogging and most of the nasty effects bypass me.

    Then again, I avoid flying so much nowadays, that could easily be the reason!

  3. Tim,

    Hope you get well. You seem to have bad health karma! I always try to buffer my immune system before and after a flight. Need to check out where to find this elixir called Lemsip, never heard of it before. Usually, I make a cup of Airborne or take Vitamin C, Echinacea and Goldenseal herbs.


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