Grid Control 11g Installation… Success…


Well a new day and a fresh pair of eyes and it all went well. I was out this afternoon so I started the final bit of the installation running and it had completed successfully when I got home. 🙂

I’m not totally sure what was causing the previous problems. I had been taking snapshots of my VM at regular intervals over the last couple of days and I guess something must have been dodgy because when I threw it all away and started again from scratch it worked fine. Here is the installation guide listing all the steps:

So does this success change my opinion of this release? Not at all. The installation is a mess and I think Oracle really do need to have a shrink-wrapped install, even if it is a 8G download. It would reduce the barrier to entry and I just think it feels a little poor that you have to manually install a bunch of patches before you can get the product working. Makes me wince a little.



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2 thoughts on “Grid Control 11g Installation… Success…”

  1. You are right. it is a blooming mess. After i did finally get it to work, applying the January 2011 with Oracle Smart Update broke it and it was no longer possible to raise the console. I made an SR with Oracle and after about four weeks, they said it is an internal bug and it must be reinstalled. this product is not ready for release.

  2. I totally agree.
    I was really interested in Grid Control to manage Siebel applications and decided to gave it a try.
    After downloading all neccessary installers for WebLogic Server, Grid Control, Oracle Database etc. I started playing with my VM.

    Now, after ~15hours of installing, uninstalling, patching, reconfiguring, reading forums, deleting files, creating files, restarting systems, manually starting services, and so on I FINALLY GIVE UP.

    Sorry guys, after many years of IT experience I am unable to install a working 11g grid control environment.

    That’s really poor.

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