ODTUG: I’m back home…


I’ve just got back home from ODTUG. Unfortunately my bag didn’t make it. Continental have played a blinder on this trip. I had an 8 hour delay on the way there and they lost my bag on the way back. Fingers crossed it will turn up soon.

My first happy birthday (I’m 41 today) message came from the passport control officer as I arrived in the UK at 07:00 this morning. I didn’t sleep on the plane so I’m off to bed now to try and play catch-up.

Thanks to everyone who made ODTUG possible. I had a great time and hope to be back next year.



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6 thoughts on “ODTUG: I’m back home…”

  1. Wow, they actually read your passport!

    Its usually just a polite cursory glance couple with a nod or grunt.

    You must have looked dodgy 🙂

  2. Happy birthday Tim!

    I wish you had emailed or called me while you were in DC, I would have treated you to dinner for your birthday since I am working in DC!


  3. Hi.

    Apart from half a day of sight seeing it was pretty full on the whole time I was there.

    see you at OpenWorld.



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