More Copyright Theft (Update)…

Regarding my previous post (here), it seems Guenadi N Jilevski has now removed the articles that are direct copies of mine. Thankyou for the quick action.

There is still at least one article remaining that contains large chunks of text scraped from my site. I guess the fact he has included his own screen grabs and some minor alterations to the text lead him to believe it is original content. Sigh.

I’m also glad to see he has removed the blog post where he attempts to defend his stance. I’ve taken copies of all the important posts for my records, but I’m hoping this marks an end to this little affair.



Update: I found a new batch of stolen stuff I’m attempting to get removed. The list from the previous post has been extended accordingly.

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3 thoughts on “More Copyright Theft (Update)…”

  1. Hello Dr. Hall,

    If you had provided a picture of you on the john I would have put it in the post. Anyway, your valuable prose would still be there to guide in the cobweb of darkness as it still is your work.



  2. Dear Tim,

    I am saddened to see this happen. It is a shame and disgrace that an Oracle Certified Master (OCM) Jilevski has tarnished the community with his behavior. I have posted on my blog to warn others and have ended all dealings with him forever. The fact that he refused to apologize is beyond reproach.

    Ben Prusinski

  3. Hi.

    GNJ: See my comment on the previous post relating to the same point you make here.

    Ben: Everybody makes mistakes and everybody deserves a second chance. Provided it doesn’t happen again then I have no problem with the guy. As far as I’m concerned, the matter is over. Don’t let this incident take the shine off your contributions to the book. This situation was not about you mate.



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