Oracle Auditing: Something I should have known…

I wrote about some new bits of 11gR2 auditing a while ago. Well actually it’s a bit of audit vault functionality that was included in 11gR2.

While answering a question today I confidently proclaimed that while you can move the AUD$ and $FGA_LOGS tables to another tablespace, it’s not a great idea and could make things go bang when you come to patch/upgrade the system. Whilst looking up some links for further reading to send to the poster, I noticed note 731908.1, which says the DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT package has been backported to 10gR2.

It’s not included in the database documentation until 11gR2, but it is available from the patches listed in the note if you need it.

Pesky Oracle improving older releases… 🙂