How not to ask a question… Again…


When asking me for help, which of the following approaches should you take? (pick 1):

  1. Insult me, then ask me to help you by answering your question.
  2. Ask a question and suggest it might be nice if I included the answer to that question in an article I had written on the subject.
  3. Just ask your question.

I’m kinda expecting most people to pick option 2 or 3, but it seems some people think option 1 is the best route to getting my assistance. Bizarre.

I am aware that English is not the first language for everyone on the internet, so maybe it’s a language thing or maybe I’m just a bit sensitive. If so, please ignore this post. Of course, if you would like me to provide support that includes dealing with your abuse I am willing to do it for a fee. What about 20% of the list price of your Oracle software on a yearly basis. I guess I would then feel obliged then no matter how much of a jerk you are.

As I’ve said many times before, if you like reading my stuff, fine. If you don’t, just go elsewhere. If you see a problem with something I’ve written I would like to hear about it so I can correct it, but if you just want to throw insults I suggest you direct them to /dev/null.



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9 thoughts on “How not to ask a question… Again…”

  1. I opt for the 4 option “English is not the first language for everyone” even if there are a lot of jerk in the world.

    Can we have a best-of of the first option ? 😉

    Thanks for all your good articles and keep the smile.

  2. Hi.

    The reason I didn’t actually post the “insult” itself, and why I won’t do a “The best of all insults I’ve received” post is because it is possible that these things are just a language thing and the people who posted may be unfairly outed as jerks.

    Despite the motives (accidental or otherwise), the effect is the same though. Kinda miffs you off. 🙂



  3. LoL …. yesterday i got the same kinda weird email…the guy said we are migrating our applications from FORMS to JDeveloper can you help us….

    When i asked him what kind of help you need…… he said just help me whenever i got stucked LOL

  4. Sometime it works:

    During the japanese civil war in 1600, at the battlte of Sekigahara, Ieyasu ordered his arquebusiers to fire at Kobayakawa’s position on Mount Matsuo. Kobayakawa’s forces then assaulted his own allies giving the day to Ieyasu and it was the start of a 250 years dinasty.

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