The disappearing patch set…


Last week there was a little episode where the patchset was released, as noted here:

Many of us started downloading it. Some (like me) got a full download, while others got cut off part way through when the patch was pulled from MOS. Someone on twitter mentioned the patch is scheduled for an October release (can’t find the tweet now), so I guess it was put live by accident. Who knows what changes, if any, will happen between now and then, so I would suggest that anyone who managed to get hold of the patch redownload it when it is eventually released, just in case they miss something important. Having said that, the OUI now checks for updates, so it is probably safe.

Even though the patch set is not on general release at the moment, there is plenty of information available to get yourself ready for it.



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One thought on “The disappearing patch set…”

  1. The MAX_UTILIZATION_LIMIT new parameter was awaited since several years. Some societies want absolutely that what ever resource availabitiy existed, a group of person could never get more that X percent of the resource. Before that, the perc given were only valid when constraints on the resource exists. Good thing

    The Xstream push is a revolution, killed by Oracle licence. Think a bit to the client model : instead of polling the DB for refresh, refresh comes to you automatically and journalized ! If you are offllined, no problems : when you reconnect, you receive everything you missed.

    ACFS replication : another big hit for SAN replication.

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