Let’s play spot the Sve…


I was just looking at a couple of photos from OpenWorld and I noticed a “not so little” Bulgarian hiding in the photo. Can you spot the Sve (Svetoslav Gyurov)?

Other things to notice about the photo are:

  • Richard Foote explaining exactly how much like David Bowie he really is. My original explanation of his action was a little more uncharitable. 🙂
  • Me being interested enough in Richard’s conversation to drag me away from my iPad for 2 seconds.
  • Chris Muir ignoring us both and trying to come to terms with the fact he hadn’t brought his iPad to the US and was forced to use one of those mini-iPads.

If you recognize yourself on this photo feel free to comment. I think the foot may belong to Jacco Landlust as I seem to remember him having one of those posh lunch boxes one of the days we were camped out in The Zone. Having said that, Jacco is usually making far more of a fashion statement than denim. 🙂



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6 thoughts on “Let’s play spot the Sve…”

  1. Of course. I remember now, I actually commented on it because I had one of the plastic boxes and you had the posh one from the Nikko Hotel I think. It’s all flooding back to me now.

    Can’t remember what we were doing in San Francisco though… 🙂



  2. The empty beer-glass on the table suggests you drank one, no wonder you forgot :
    a) I don’t mingle with tech-heads
    b) I don’t mingle with guys in t-shirts and slacks
    c) I don’t eat lunch (not even when it comes in a fancy lunchbox)

    Please choose all answers that apply.

    *brrr* exam-cram is getting to me *brrr*

  3. Hey Tim,

    It took me awhile, but I found myself. It’s really hard when I’m in the club/pub to hide from someone. 🙂

    One guy whom I met at OOW was showing me one new (at least for me) cool feature from Google. It’s called Google Goggles and it’s some kind of visual recognition utility which one can run it at mobile phones. Take a picture of something and they will give you the results of whats on the picture.


  4. Hi Tim

    That’s a funny photo 🙂

    I’m obviously talking about the size of “something” which by the look of your face, you appear to find slightly objectionable but still of enough interest to drag you away from the new iPad but clearly not of any interest to Chris who is ignoring us entirely !!

    If I remember correctly, Sve is lying under the coffee table 😉

  5. Richard: You will always be “of enough interest” to drag me away from an iPad. 🙂

    I believe you were actually explaining how little you know about indexes.



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