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The thing that really bugs me about traveling is the organization that is needed prior to the trip. When I’m travelling with the ACE program life is a lot easier because Victoria and Lillian (from the ACE program) do all the hard work for me. When I’m travelling with Oracle University I have to do most of it myself and that is a killer for me.

I was just starting to calm down about it all, then the Hong Kong course was rescheduled, which created a couple of days of panic. Once that was sorted I started to relax again then today I’ve received the invoices for the flights and they don’t look correct, so I’m left wondering what flights I’ve actually paid for. Now you may think I’m worrying unnecessarily, but I’ve turned up at an airport before now to be told that I have a reservation, but the flights have not been paid for. It’s not a nice position to be in, especially when you have to make international calls to sort the issue out, all the time wondering if you are going to miss the next flight.

I enjoy presenting and I love meeting new people in new places, but the travel stress is starting to get to me. I just have to keep telling myself it’s all going to be worth it in the end…



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  1. completely relate – always amazes me how much time and stress goes into the travel arrangements
    My favorite was turning up at the airport on the way to China. The China office had sent me something that I thought was a visa. It said visa in English, but the rest was in Chinese. Alas, said document had to be taken to the consulate and exchange for a visa sticker. No China trip. At least not that time. I spent at least 4 hours on the phone for the plane ticket re-reimbursement. Luckily it was a local call and most of that time was spent on speaker phone while I worked, or ate.


  2. Hi Tim

    Totally understand, going through it all now trying to organise travel to Munich and Prague with a week to go.

    Why on earth Oracle University when they have Oracle Travel services at their disposal can’t help us by organising these complex travel arrangements (and pay upfront) for us is totally beyond me.

    I enjoy presenting as well but the stress of it all is certainly making me think it’s not worth it all.

    Good luck with it all, hope they all go well for you.

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