UltraEdit for Mac, Production Release…


Just to let you know, UltraEdit for Mac has now been released to production.

I’ve been using the beta version for a while and it’s really cool. If you love UltraEdit on Windows, then you will love UltraEdit on Mac. It’s been released as version 2.0, which from what I can see has pretty much all the features of the Windows version 16.x. The Linux version (1.0)  is still missing a lot, but it is supposed to have a version 2.0 release in the new year.

I’ve upgraded my Windows license to a multi-platform license with unlimited updates, so I can run UltraEdit on Windows, Linux and Mac and never pay for an upgrade again. It’s not the cheapest option but for a bit of kit like this I’m very willing to pay up.

So now I have UltraEdit on everything and SnagIt on Windows and Mac. If I could switch from Shutter to SnagIt on Linux I would be ecstatic. 🙂



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2 thoughts on “UltraEdit for Mac, Production Release…”

  1. I’ll second SnagIt as an awesome tool.

    I used UltraEdit years back, but am now firmly a Notepad++ fan.
    Without starting a my-text-editor’s-better-than-your-text-editor thread, what is there in UltraEdit that you get for your £££?

    cheers, Robin.

  2. Hi.

    I did use NotePad++ years ago on Windows and it was cool, but at the time I still *preferred* UltraEdit. The word Preferred it kinda important because it doesn’t imply better, but I’m more comfortable with it.

    UltraEdit does just about everything I’ve ever wanted to do with an editor and now it does it natively on all platforms. That’s pretty important for me because at home I mostly use Linux. On the road I mostly use OSX. I sometimes use VMs with Windows. Having an editor that works natively in all three environments is great. I know I could use Wine on Linux and Mac, but it’s not the same. I’ve used it for UltraEdit in the past and things just randomly break. Don;t get me wrong, Wine is great, but it’s not perfect.



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