ASMLib and OCFS2 for RHEL6? I don’t think so…


I was just scanning through some stuff on MOS when I came across a couple of RHEL6 tidbits.

  • Doc ID 1089399.1: “For RHEL6 Oracle will only provide ASMLib software and updates via Unbreakable Linux Network(ULN). Oracle will no longer provide ASMLib packages for Red Hat kernels.”
  • Doc ID 1253272.1: “Starting with RHEL6, Oracle will provide OCFS2 software via ULN only. ULN requires an Oracle Linux support subscription, even for those customers using OCFS2 just to store database files.”

The OCFS2 thing doesn’t phase me. I only need a cluster file system for a few shared directories when I’m doing RAC and using OCFS2 and RAC together is a disaster, so I never use OCFS2 these days.

The ASMLib issue is a bit more interesting because it is still the recommended approach in the documentation. A recent thread on the OakTable mailing list about ASMLib resulted in most replies saying to avoid ASMLib completely and use udev instead. I don’t mind ASMLib myself, but I guess this is another nail in the ASMLib coffin. I can’t see me bothering to use ASMLib again now.



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2 thoughts on “ASMLib and OCFS2 for RHEL6? I don’t think so…”

  1. Interesting. Our team here has a ‘policy’ of avoiding ASMLib (as I mentioned in a forum thread) in favour of udev. I guess this just re-inforces that decision!

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